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Why The journal for muslims?

Whether you're praying zero or five times a day, The Journal for Muslims is the fastest route to go from where you are to where you want to be. Created in collaboration with Islamic scholars and experts in the field of positive psychology, the journal acts as a daily dose of positivity and inspiration.

What muslims say...

We've helped over 25,000 Muslims worldwide improve their relationship with Allah. Here's what some had to say!

In Islam, intention is the basis of everything and in the world today, we are constantly distracted and pulled away from our purpose. The Journal for Muslims is an amazing tool I use to live intentionally again by putting the pen to paper.

Sumaiya Tufail

Life is busy and we're faced with obstacles and challenges. For myself and my clients, this journal goes a long way to remind us during those difficult times that with gratitude and remembrance of Allah, we can get through anything.

Yasmine Youseff

I teach Muslims many things throughout their studies with me and when I first saw The Journal for Muslims, I instantly knew how beneficial this would be for them. The smartest Muslim is the one who keeps track of their progress.

Mufti Aasim Rashid

I've been using The Journal for Muslims and it has me feeling more calm and relaxed. If utilized properly, the journal will aid you on the days where life can get too hard to handle. The daily Quran quote will strengthen your imaan bit by bit. 

Abubakar Khan


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