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Why I Struggle To Give

Why I Struggle To Give

I used to be very stingy when it came to giving… 

I remember once eating potato chips and my brother wanted some, so I handed him ONE single potato chip from the big bag full...

I thought that in order to succeed in life, I had to hog resources for myself.

This is called a scarcity mindset.

Those that think they have too little time, energy or money are victims of this mindset.

Think of the following two people we all know:

Person 1 has a lot of goodness in their life but is miserable.

Person 2 has many difficulties in their life but is happy.

The one, despite having so much, perceives themself as not having enough and therefore, constantly focuses on what they lack.

The second, despite having little, perceives themself as having enough and therefore, constantly focuses on what they have been given.

It's about time we embraced the abundance mindset.

A mindset that is convinced that giving will increase us in wealth and success.

A mindset that doesn't constantly calculate what we're receiving if we give.

A mindset that is confident that we have enough of what we need.

Allah wants us to share what we have and increase in the love we have for each other.

Share gifts, kind words, smiles, helpful tips and ideas with your fellow human. 

That's what we were put in this world to do because when we leave, we won't take any with.

So spend as much as you can in the path of others and expect that Allah will reward you for it!

If you'd like to use a tool that reminds you to give back to others, try out our The Journal for Muslims through our 7-Day Journal Challenge Here!