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Living in the West and maintaining our connection with Allah, while being successful in work or school, can be difficult. We get sucked into a cycle of procrastination and are unable to find time for Allah. Regular journals or productivity apps don't offer a Muslim-specific solution. 

My name is Hamza and The Journal for Muslims was created when I began writing letters to Allah.

Five years ago, I was frustrated because I was missing salaat in between classes and work, busy all day and never feeling accomplished. Worst of all, I felt more and more distant to the deen as the days passed by. I was at my lowest point and felt like a "bad Muslim"...

I still don't know why but one night I sat down at my desk and started writing to Allah about my problems. I listed out everything I wished Allah could help me out with. Miraculously, within minutes, my mind cleared up and I felt lighter...

"Could writing down my thoughts be the answer?", I wondered...

So I continued writing ... now listing out everything I was grateful for!

Wow, I was really starting to enjoy this process of self-reflection and soon had a list of goals I was committed to achieving...

I jumped up from my desk fired up to renew my Islam and get started with my new life. It was 11:23pm at night...

After that breakthrough, I kept a daily journal and wrote to Allah every single day.

Because of this habit, today I can say "Alhamdulillah" for:

  • praying five times per day regularly and on time
  • getting married to the spouse of my dreams
  • running a successful online store that has helped more than 25,000 Muslims across the world become closer to Allah through journaling

Reading more Islamic books did not help me get out of my slump ... Writing and reflecting on my life is what opened my eyes up to the blessings of Allah. Through journaling as a part of my daily routine, I became a more motivated, disciplined and productive Muslim.

And I want to help more Muslims get the same results, without having to read dozens of thick Islamic books.

Click here if you'd like to learn more about The Journal for Muslims